Silent Bishop

In the summer of 2009, Silent Bishop’s founding member Jeroen Assies gathered a bunch of crazy musicians from Groningen to start a band. Named after a particulary stealthy chesspiece, the newly formed fourpiece soon developed a noisy repertoire inspired by bands such as Alice in Chains, Foo Fighters, Tool, Queens of the Stone Age and Soundgarden. When Jeroen was forced to leave the band in the fall of 2010, the three remaining members decided they had too much fun playing together, and thus the band was reborn as three-headed monster

Having rewritten and rearranged their music, they recorded a demo in the spring of 2011. After that, they made it their business to perform wherever and whenever they could. Their energetic performance rocked venues all around Groningen and Friesland, culminating in a spot on the Pagepop 2012 festival at Stadskanaal in the same weekend as a performance at the Gideon 2012 festival.